Fully automatic container storage

That is KECO

KECO — the revolutionary, fully automatic storage system for
20', 40' containers and high cube containers.
The self-contained solution for taking containers into and out
of storage 24/7, without additional staffing costs.


We plan, engineer and construct. From the foundations through to the control system.


All from a single source, from construction through to system control. Perfectly coordinated.

At a fixed price

Pooled know-how from a single source. No surprises.

The warehouse

Optimum usage of space for maximum capacity


Capacity miracle
Optimum space concept for maximum storage volumes

High-load concrete floor. Wrap-around concrete base 2.50 m for burglary protection

Easy implementation
Project development and construction work from a single source

Top quality design with economical element concept

Tried and tested
Put to successful use in the moving, haulage and logistics industry


KECO is based on a generously sized warehouse building that utilises the entire space including the remotest corners, making full use of the very last cubic centimetre.

The warehouse is designed to take numerous 20', 40' and high-cube containers without any problems. The ideal design is therefore compatible for many partners. The warehouse concept can be extended and varied in height and length. Up to 7 containers can be stacked on top of each other. The complete system consists of the warehouse, overhead crane with special spreader, crane control, warehouse management and database with SQL interface.


Modern container storage


Robust infralogistics with heavy-duty materials

Simple handling
Containers are taken into storage fully automatically

Minimum staffing costs, optimum usage of space, fast storage and retrieval rates

Conditioned storage
Dark, cool storage environment

Vibration- and shock-free
The containers are taken into storage with millimetre precision and absolutely vibration- and shock-free


Hauliers, removal companies and logistics firms benefit from extremely simple handling that needs no extra staff. KECO operators even benefit twice over: the tailor-made infrastructure permits complete utilisation of the entire space. The containers are positioned with millimetre precision. The system also works fully automatically with extremely low staffing costs. A constant inside temperature ensures safe, clean, dust-free, dry storage, protected from weather exposure in the top quality steel container with passive air conditioning.

20' containers, high-cube containers, refrigerated containers, construction containers etc. can be stored with no effort. Special zones and storage strategies can be defined.


Perfect infralogistics for efficient business

Optimum handling times

The containers are brought into the front zone, where the spreader docks onto the container. It is then taken into storage fully automatically. KECO offers an automatic crane unit in a combined storage system. The crane unit is used for automatic storage, relocation or retrieval of containers. The double girder overhead crane has a span of approx. 22 m to approx. 29 m and can take loads of up to approx. 45 t (20').

Laser-assisted precision and shock-free transport means that the system can also be used without hesitation for delicate goods. Transport within the warehouse is vibration- and shock-free without compromising quality.


Fully automatic. For foolproof handling

High availability

Administration and storage software for absolute control

Operation both local and remote by tablet

Always available
Automated 24/7 operation for constant access to warehouse, goods and data

The warehouse management system links the database, the crane control and the operator. This component is based on software that supports the storage, relocation or retrieval of containers. The software synchronizes warehouse stocks with the crane control and manages the container master data. The visualization feature offers scope for defining container characteristics (colour-coded or with images) together with special zones and storage strategies (e.g. no-go zones or containers with special features as close as possible to the window).
The warehouse management system also shows the status of the crane and prints hand-over/receipt acknowledgements. Swift operation results in short time sequences. The containers can be retrieved from any place at any time.

KECO overview

short container
handling times

short construction

low staffing

full customer

The all-rounder

KECO intralogistics were devised and developed specially for the storage of containers in collaboration between the branch specialists HIT Hafen - und Industrietechnik GmbH and Matthäi Schlüsselfertigbau GmbH. The technology is offered in cooperation by HIT and Matthäi Schlüsselfertigbau, under the leadership of Matthäi Schlüsselfertigbau which is also your contact. Matthäi Schlüsselfertigbau is your experienced specialist for industrial, commercial and warehouse construction, proceeding with the planning, engineering and construction of the warehouse. This ensures compliance with all DIN and safety requirements between construction, crane control and digital technology. All construction services are provided swiftly, at low cost and in perfect quality from a single source.
We can make an appointment to show you all the advantages illustrated by a current project on site in Berlin.

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Matthäi Schlüsselfertigbau

Turnkey construction means care-free construction for the client. All that's needed is a partner with the skills and experience for perfect coordination of all the different contract work sections, with confident leadership of large teams and precise compliance with targets, deadlines and budgets. A partner such as Matthäi Schlüsselfertigbau!

KeCo is our fully automated container storage system for warehouses with 24/7 storage and retrieval with practically no staff.

Care-free, from initial planning through to operation
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HIT Germany

Control and automation technology for commerce and industry

HIT Hafen- und Industrietechnik GmbH has made a name for itself in automation and drive technology as well as in the field of control systems and electrotechnical installations. Our offices in Wardenburg and Singapore develop solutions for the global market. The products are used all over the world: HIT systems can be found in Spain, France, England, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, Japan, China, Korea and Singapore, amongst others.

The customer base includes renowned firms such as Kocks Krane GmbH, EUROGATE GmbH & Co. KGaA, Kranbau Köthen GmbH, Hans Künz GmbH, Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG, DSD Hilgers Stahlbau GmbH, Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG, Ursa Deutschland GmbH, Gasunie GmbH & Co. KG and many others with whom we maintain regular business relations.

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Individual warehouse and container storage solutions.
We work together with you to plan and construct a warehouse and container solution to suit your needs.
Just contact us without any obligation.

Herr Mergard

Architect Dipl.- Ing. Bernd Mergard
(Managing Director)
E-Mail: bernd.mergard@matthaei.de
Mobile: 0151 54419692

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